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  • Course Enrolment Form

    Course Enrolment Form

  • PSL33 - PCN wallet cards – verification of photograph and signature.
  • PSL44

    Vision Requirements.

  • PSL57A

    Application form for INITIAL examinations.

  • PSL57B

    Application form for recertification, supplementary and retest examinations.

  • PSL57WIA

    Weld Inspector examinations application form.

  • PSL30

    Log of Experience form.

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PCN Documents (CPs PSLs Qs etc)

PSL 8A Issue 89: Dated 1st January 2012

PSL/8A is revised at quarterly intervals and details the current status of all PCN published documents. It is circulated automatically to holders of controlled PCN documents ?under cover of a transmittal note. Changes to a document's issue status are indicated by a vertical line in the left margin adjacent to the document concerned. Withdrawn documents should be destroyed or clearly marked on each page 'WITHDRAWN' or 'SUPERSEDED'.

A number of documents are available to download. They are hyperlinked in the tables, so if a link exists that document is available. The documents are in PDF format ?a copy of Acrobat Reader is required to view them. For information on how to obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat, click on the icon. The size of the file is indicated in each case.

Of course, we do not ignore the possibility that you would prefer to receive copies by post and you can request this service by telephoning Nicole Scutt on +44 (0)1604 89 3856. Any of the documents referenced herein, except those for PCN internal use, may be obtained from the Certification Services Division at the British Institute of NDT, and many of them may be obtained directly from any PCN Test Centre. Revised, amended or re-issued documents will be automatically sent to members of the PCN Registered Update Scheme. For details, please contact the Certification Services Division.

Holders and recipients of documents who do not subscribe to the PCN Registered Update Scheme are advised to check the status of any documents they hold before use. PCN cannot be held responsible for the update of any documentation acquired outside of the update scheme.

A downloadable version of PSL 8A is available here in PDF format:

For more detail please visit