Welding Inspection Level 2 : Training and Certification

Duties and responsibilities; fusion welding process, thermal cutting process; welding and cutting equipment; weld defects and methods of avoiding defects; ferrous and non ferrous metals; metallurgy and weldability of steels; heat treatment, visual inspection methods; destructive and non-destructive testing, etc.

Weld Inspector Level 2 :

Training & Certification, The following are some of the training contents regards to Weld Inspector.

- Responsibilities & Duties of Welding inspectors
- A Weld Terminology and Symbols
- A brief explanation of all type of welding processes and equipments
- Welding procedures and welders test
- Thermal cutting processes
- Material Inspections and Steel weld metallurgy
- Weldability of steel, Stress and distortion
- Post heat treatment, normalizing, quenching and etc
- Visual examination and dimensional
- Mechanical teting of welded joints
- Weld defects and repairs
- Cracking
- Weld decay in austenitic stainless steel
- Welding consumables
- Welding plant and Arc welding safety
- Welding related specifications and standards
- Weld drawings, understanding and interpretation
- Weld defects related to welding process and prevention
- Practical – Visual Welding inspection, NDT report assessment according to codes/specifications and reporting
- Quality assurance – QA/QC and inspection
- Personnel Certification – Welders, Weld Inspector Level 2 and 3
- NDT Personnel
- Normative documents (codes)

At the end of the course, attendees shall be able to:

- Understand the requirements of relevant codes, standards and specifications
- Possess an understand of the relationship between quality assurance, welding and inspection procedures
- Confirm that welding operators and welders have been properly qualified
- Confirm during welding that only specified and accepted welding procedures are used
- Examine and evaluate welds according to the prescribed inspection procedures
- Review NDT reports on welding work
- Record welding inspection results
- Implement a system of quality control over the welding and inspection process
- Posses an understanding of the factors influencing the formation of weld defects
- Interpret weld drawings and specifications
- Compile and maintain detailed weld inspection records
- Meets syllabus requirements for PCN examinations

Time Table Of Course :
Day 1 to Day 5
- Duites of Welding Inspector
- Welding Process,Position,Consumables etc
- Joint Type
- Mechanical Test
- Course work

Day 6 - Day 8
- Interprete Standards
- Visual Insoection ( Macro,Fracture,Bend Test,Plate and Pipe )
- Reporting Technique

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