Appreciation of NDT: Training Only

NDT methods with demonstrations; surface methods; magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing; methods for internal examinations; X- and gamma radiography, ultrasonic flaw detection method, advantages and disadvantages of NDT methods; NDT equipment and accessories; choice and applications of NDT methods in relation to materials and requirements, type of defects, welding position and weld geometry.

Appreciation of NDT:

Training Only, The following are some of the training contents with regards to

- Most common NDT methods
- The applications of NDT in various related industries, i.e. oil and gas, manufacturing and construction.
- NDT methods with demonstrations
- External and Internal testing methods
- Other advanced NDT methods
- Advantages and limitations of the NDT methods
- Personnel certifications and qualifications

At the end of the course, attendees shall be able to:

- Determine the NDT certification schemes
- Awareness of NDT methods currently available
- Understand the principles of these methods
- Identify the advantages and limitations of these methods, both in application and defect detection capabilities

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